We help you manage your investment properties and build financial freedom

Are you struggling with your investment property?

  • Do you have tenants that have trashed your property?
  • Are you currently with a rubbish lettings agent?
  • Are your investments just causing you stress and worry?
  • Do you have empty properties?
  • Do you have tenants that don’t pay?
  • Is the eviction process taking up too much of your time?
  • Do you have ongoing maintenance issues?
  • Do you feel your tradesmen are ripping you off?
  • Do you need guidance on what to do next for you?

How can we help you?

Lettings and Management

We specialise in property management, all of the properties that we find tenants for we then manage through that tenancy. We have the capability to manage properties over a large portion of the country.
Our fees are reasonable and there’s nothing hidden, no renewal fees, no inventory fees.
As we work largely with serious property investors and promote a portfolio building product, we review the rent of your properties annually making sure they are increased so you can release what you need to from your investment so you can continue to build.

Property Refurbishments

Unlike any high street letting agency we have an in house refurbishment team who can refurbish forty properties a month.
We have a network of tried and trusted tradesmen across a large area of the country who we work closely with. They have been vetted by us so that you get the best price for the work you require. This might just be redecorating but we can also fit a new bathroom or a kitchen if required.
We take all of the stress out of the letting process for you.

Grow my Property Portfolio

Most people do not have the time or experience to know they can build a truly successful property portfolio. They literally do not know how to do it as safely and securely as possible. We do.
We will source you superb investment properties, negotiate on them, sort the mortgage, sort the solicitors, arrange to refurbish it, find the tenant and manage the property. Even more important we will then track the property ensuring it performs and let you know when you can release money to buy more properties or take profits and have fun.
Join over 400 clients, with over 1000 purchases on your path to financial freedom.
“What I loved most about The Property Coach is that they instructed a local letting agent to my property in Liverpool at their expense! I was concerned about instructing an agency in Scarborough to let my property but really wanted my investments all under one roof. I shouldn’t have worried!” – Alice Webb
The refurbishment team did a great job getting my new investment property “tenant ready”. Everything was arranged for me, the price was decent and my new tenants were happy with the house.” – Alex Hemming
“I’d been searching for a company I could 100% trust to help me execute my property investment goals. Having studied property for 9 years and dabbled as an amateur investor, I knew my goals, but I needed to recruit the best team of experts to help me achieve them. PI were that team.” – Parag Prasad

The Property Coach works in all of these locations…














St Helens



We have teams of trusted contractors and our local agents who do viewings, inspections and property sourcing in your area. We also instruct a local letting agency with a shop front at our cost and use their database of tenants to try and get one lined up for you A.S.A.P














Stockton on Tees




“The Property Coach answered all my questions, followed it up with an email and did it all with a smile. IT was great that I got the positive answers I was looking for obviously. But most importantly its gave me a great confidence in The Property Coach’s ability to get the rent in and that they know their tenants” – Frank O’Niel

Create a plan

Create a clear and defined plan, to ensure the success of your investment property.

Implement the plan

We will organise any refurbishments, arrange refinancing and communicate with any tenants and old letting agents, so you dont need to worry.

Relax and enjoy your free time

Sit back safe in the knowledge that we have it under control.

What Makes The Property Coach So Different?

Working with The Property Coach is different to any other letting agency. The owner, Aran Curry, is a market leader in property education and an expert in building portfolios of property for clients. Our partner company Property Insight source approximately forty buy to let properties a month which return a minimum of 8% yield which we then manage. We have an in house refurbishment team who have a network of trusted tradesmen throughout most of the U.K. Our team source the best tradesmen that can provide the best price for you. We also offer portfolio reviews. Many landlords have one or two properties and want to get more but are unsure of the best way to do so. Our team can advise you of the best way to release equity from your current investments and then we can source and refurbish more outstanding properties for you. We specialise in property management but are experts in buy to let property investment.

What makes us so different?

Free portfolio reviews to see where your portfolio is at and help advise on what you could do to grow towards financial freedom.

Full refurbishment sorted – most letting agencies give a property back to the client to sort out the refurb when the property is empty and then pick it up again – we refurbish 30+ a month so can easily sort the full refurb of yours with our expert tradespeople at great price.

Two free weekend events each year worth £2000 each. Meet other landlords and get free education from Aran Curry.

Free mortgage tracking! So, three months before any mortgage deal expires we would get back in touch and remind you and also make sure an expert broker finds you the very best deal

Access to our property education. Free webinars each month covering topics such as property tax, building expert teams, key rules to buy the right properties. 

A free ‘ask the property expert’ session every fortnight so you can ask any question about any property you have or are considering.

A single point of contact. You will be assigned to a property manager who will look after all your properties so you don’t have to deal with numerous people.

Two agents for the price of one. We are online experts and we also have an expert local agent marketing the property at our cost! So, two agents renting it so we find you a tenant as quick as possible.

We will review your rental figures and increase the rent each year between 3% – 5%.

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